On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to South Bruce Grey Health Centre, a dynamic health care organization, proudly serving the communities of Chesley, Durham, Kincardine and Walkerton. On April 1, 2018, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as the multi-site hospital corporation we are today.

Each of our hospital sites offer Acute Care Services, a 24-7 Emergency Department, and a full complement of diagnostic and laboratory services, enabling patients to receive excellent health care close to home. Last year our almost 400 staff cared for over 2,870 admitted patients, 42,840 emergency patients and 445 newborns. We performed over 46,000 diagnostic imaging tests and 2.6 million laboratory tests.

We are always looking to provide the highest quality care to the patients we serve, and at the same time be effective stewards of the community’s tax dollars. One recent example of this approach is the new Seniors’ Centre of Care at our Chesley site, which provides care for patients as they begin to prepare for the transition from hospital to home or to a long-term care.

Recent changes announced by the Ontario Government that will see the consolidation of a number of provincial health care agencies and programs into Ontario Health, and the creation of Ontario Health Teams, will no doubt change the way our hospitals and all health care providers in Ontario do business. Notwithstanding the uncertainty these many changes represent, it would be an understatement to state that our Board of Directors views these changes with optimism and a strong commitment to becoming a vibrant and positive member of the Ontario Heath Team we will eventually become part of.

Our present 3-year Strategic Plan was released in March of 2017, with a view to setting the organization on a path in alignment with the evolving dynamics of the health care field today. Our skills-based, volunteer Board of Directors brings diverse backgrounds and experience to provide the leadership, governance and strategic focus necessary to both guide our organization along our present strategic path, and to navigate us through the new challenges, directions and opportunities that the present sweeping changes to health care in Ontario will obviously present. As a collective, the Board, Staff, Physicians and Volunteers will continue to focus our efforts on delivering patient-centered care that is safe, effective and accessible to all.

Something most people in Ontario may not realize or fully appreciate, is that the universal free health care that we as Canadians are so fiercely proud of – is not all paid for by government through our taxes. A great many capital and other expenses have to be funded through the generosity of donations made by individuals to and through our Hospital Foundations. We enormously value the invaluable support received through Hospital Foundations, Auxiliaries, Volunteers and the broader communities we serve, and recognize the critical role they play in enabling us to provide leading health care.

Your opinions, comments and suggestions are always valued, and we welcome requests for general information. Contact can be made directly to the President and CEO’s office at:

21 McGivern Street, P.O. Box 1300, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0
(519) 370-2417

It is an honour to serve you as South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s Board Chair.

John Gilbert
Chair, Board of Directors
South Bruce Grey Health Centre

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